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We are one of the most experienced driveway replacement crews in the city and have many satisfied customers.


Spruce up your backyard with a functional and decorative concrete patio. Get more out of summer.


We treat sidewalks like art, ensuring a solid structure and pristine finish that will look that way for years to come.

Trusted Edmonton Concrete Contractors

Edmonton Concrete Experts specializes in concrete forming, placing and finishing. Led by a team of motivated and experienced individuals, we understand the need of meeting client expectations, deadlines and budgets.

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"I would strongly recommend using Edmonton Concrete Experts for any residential concrete application. Muhammad, was very professional and responsive. We had one small issue with the job and it was resolved within a few days."

Andrew Tremblay

"Just as advertised - these guys live up to their name as concrete experts. They were responsive, fair priced, insanely knowledgeable and provided quality work. They just finished my exposed concrete in my back yard and surpassed my expectations"

Kyle Polziak

"Amazing experience from start to finish replacing our driveway and sidewalk. They answered all my questions, were very professional and completed our project when they said they would. Highly recommend hiring Edmonton Concrete Experts."

Rama Tarrab


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